The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids

Authored by:Brothers Grimm
Chapter 1 / 2

Section 1

Once there was an aged goat who had seven young goats, and she adored them with the affection that only a mother can have for her offspring. One day, the mother goat desired to venture into the woods to gather some food. She summoned all seven of her offspring and cautioned them, "My dear children, I must go to the forest, be cautious of the wolf, for if he enters our home, he will consume every bit of you - flesh, fur, and all." "The wicked beast may attempt to conceal his identity, but you can easily recognize him by his coarse voice and dark paws," she warned. The young goats assured their mother, "Dear mother, we will take excellent care of ourselves, so you need not worry. " Upon hearing this, the old goat let out a bleat and departed on her journey with a peaceful mind.

Shortly after, there was a knock at the door, and a voice called out, "Dear children, open the door! Your mother has returned and has brought a surprise for each of you!" However, the young goats recognized the wolf's rough voice and refused to open the door. "We will not open the door," they cried out. "You are not our mother, our mother has a gentle, sweet voice, while yours is rough, you are the wolf." The wolf then left and went to a shop where he purchased a large piece of chalk, he ate the chalk, which made his voice soft and smooth. Afterward, he returned to the house, knocked on the door, and called out, "Dear children, open the door! Your mother has come back and has brought a surprise for each of you." However, the wolf made the mistake of placing his dark paws against the window, which the young goats noticed immediately. "We will not open the door," they exclaimed. "Our mother does not have black feet like you. You are the wolf." The wolf then hurried to a baker and said, "I have injured my feet. Please knead some dough and apply it to them for me." The wolf then went to the miller and requested, "Sprinkle some white flour over my feet for me." The miller suspected that the wolf had evil intentions and refused. However, the wolf threatened the miller, saying, "If you don't do as I say, I will eat you up!" Fearing for his life, the miller complied and made the wolf's paws white. This is truly a reflection of human nature.


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