Multilevel Language Proficiency
Discover our Adaptive Audiobook Experience. Books come in three English proficiency levels - beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Select the version that matches your linguistic ability for a customised, engaging, and effective learning journey.
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Dynamic Voice Selection
Make your listening experience uniquely yours with our Dynamic Voice Selection feature. Enjoy the flexibility to choose between male and female narrators for each audiobook. Tailor your journey through each story with the voice that resonates with you the most.
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Interactive Character Chat
Dive deeper into your favorite stories with our Interactive Character Chat feature. This innovative offering allows you to engage in lively conversations with book characters through AI, making your reading journey more immersive and exciting. Step beyond the pages and interact with the narrative like never before.
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Family-Centered Voice Generation
Bridge the gap between storytelling and listening with our Family-Centered Voice Generation feature. Parents can upload a voice sample, which we use to generate a customized audiobook narration. This creates a deeply personal and comforting listening experience for your children, cultivating strong connections through the power of familiar voices and beloved stories.