Little Ida’s Flowers
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Little Ida’s Flowers

Chapter 1 / 6

Section 1

Little Ida sadly said, “My flowers are dead now. They looked very pretty yesterday, but today all the leaves are drooping, and they are dry.” “Why are they doing that?” she asked the student who was sitting on the couch. She really enjoyed spending time with him. He was able to tell really funny stories and create beautiful art with pictures of hearts, dancing ladies, castles with doors that could open, and flowers. Overall, he was a very pleasant student to be around. “Why do the flowers look so dull today?” she asked again, pointing to her small bouquet, which had lost its freshness and color.

“Do you know what's wrong with them?” asked the student. “The flowers were at a party last night, so it’s not surprising they look tired and droopy today.”

“But flowers can’t dance!” exclaimed little Ida.

“Yes, they can!” answered the student. “When it gets dark and everyone is sleeping, they dance and have fun. They have a party almost every night!”

“Are children allowed to participate in the party?”

“Of course,” replied the student, “small daisies and tiny lilies.”

“Where do the pretty flowers dance?” questioned little Ida.

“Have you ever seen the big castle outside the town gates, where the king stays in the summertime and the lovely garden with lots of flowers? And remember when you fed the swans with bread when they came near you? Well, the flowers have fantastic parties there, you just have to believe me!”

“I was with my mother in that garden yesterday,” said Ida, “but all the trees had lost their leaves, and there was not even one flower left. Where did they go? I used to see so many flowers in the summer.”

“They’re in the castle,” answered the student. “You should know that when the king and his court go into town, the flowers leave the garden and go into the castle. And let me tell you, they have so much fun! The two prettiest roses sit on a special chair and become the king and queen. Then all the red cockscomb flowers stand next to them and bow down. These are the important helpers. Then the other lovely flowers come in and there is a big dance party. The blue violets act like small sailors and dance with hyacinths and crocuses that they call young ladies. The tulips and tiger-lilies are like the grandmas who sit and watch the dancing to make sure everything is done in a nice and proper way.”

“But,” asked little Ida, “isn’t anyone going to punish the flowers for dancing in the king’s castle?”

“The flowers dance secretly, so no one knows about it,” replied the student.


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