Authored by:Brothers Grimm
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A father had seven sons and despite his strong desire to have a daughter, he had not been able to have one until his wife gave him hope of having another child. Finally, the father's wish came true when his wife gave birth to a baby girl. They were extremely happy, but unfortunately, the child was fragile and undersized, due to her frailty, an urgent baptism was necessary.

The father instructed one of his sons to hurry to the well and fetch water for the baptism. The remaining six sons accompanied him in his task, all eager to be the first to collect water from the well. However, in their haste, they accidentally dropped the jug into the well. They found themselves in a state of confusion, unsure of how to proceed, and none of them felt brave enough to return home.

"When they did not return, the father became impatient and exclaimed, 'Those godless boys must have forgotten their task while playing!'"

Afraid that his daughter might die without receiving baptism, he shouted in a fit of anger, "I hope those boys turn into ravens!"

No sooner had he uttered these words than he heard a fluttering sound above him. When he looked up, he saw seven pitch-black ravens flying away from him.

Despite feeling sorrowful about the loss of their seven sons, the parents found solace in the fact that their beloved daughter grew stronger and more beautiful with each passing day, and they were unable to retract the curse.

Her parents refrained from talking about her brothers to prevent her from knowing for an extended period. At some point, she unintentionally eavesdropped on a conversation where people were discussing her .During the conversation, they mentioned that she was beautiful, but ultimately responsible for the misfortune that befell her seven brothers. This greatly distressed her, and she approached her parents and inquired whether she had brothers and what had become of them.

Unable to keep the secret any longer, her parents revealed that it was the will of fate, and her birth was not to blame for what happened to her brothers. Nonetheless, the thought of her brothers haunted her conscience, and she became convinced that it was her responsibility to save and redeem them.

She could not find any rest or peace until she decided to embark on a secret journey into the vast world, determined to locate her brothers and free them, no matter the cost. She carried only a small ring given to her by her parents as a memento, a loaf of bread to quell hunger, a little jug of water to quench her thirst, and a tiny chair to rest when she grew weary.

She continued walking tirelessly, traveling farther and farther until she reached the edge of the world. She arrived at the sun, but found it too scorching and fearsome as it consumed young children. She fled from there and hastened to the moon, which was bitterly cold and intimidating, and when it saw her, it remarked, "I smell human flesh."


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