Kids Who Think Outside the Box

Authored by:Stephanie Lerner
Chapter 1 / 6


Welcome to the amazing world of “Kids Who Think Outside the Box”! This book is for all the curious and creative minds out there who love to explore new ideas and think outside the box. Are you the type who enjoys coming up with unique solutions to problems or discovering new and exciting ways to express yourself? If so, you’re in good company!

In this book, you’ll meet some extraordinary kids who have learned to harness the power of their imaginations to create amazing things. You’ll learn about young inventors who have designed life-changing devices, budding artists who have found new ways to express themselves, and creative thinkers who have come up with unique solutions to everyday problems.

But this book isn’t just about what these kids have accomplished – it’s about the journey they took to get there. You’ll discover the challenges they faced, the setbacks they overcame, and the lessons they learned along the way. You’ll also find plenty of tips and tricks to help you develop your own creative thinking skills and unlock your full potential.

Your friend in this adventure is Stephanie Lerner who is not your average author. She’s a creative powerhouse on a mission to help people like you break free from the ordinary and embrace their wildest ideas. This super inspiring and uber-cool lady has always been obsessed with creativity, inventiveness, and imagination. When Stephanie was a kid, she was constantly doodling, scribbling stories, and dreaming up new inventions. Her head was always buzzing with fresh ideas and bold concepts that challenged the status quo. But instead of being stifled by her uniqueness, Stephanie used it to her advantage and became a true trailblazer in the world of education. Now, Stephanie is a bestselling author and a sought-after speaker who travels the world inspiring kids to think outside the box. She believes that creativity is the key to solving any problem and achieving any goal. So, ready to start thinking outside the box? Then let’s get started!


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