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Once upon a time, in the year 1762, a man named John Montagu, Fourth Earl of Sandwich was having a really exciting day at the gambling table in England. He was so into the game that he didn't want to stop and eat his food. But how could he eat and gamble at the same time?

Well, Lord Sandwich had a brilliant idea! He ordered his servants to bring him some meat and put it between two slices of bread, so he could easily eat it with one hand while still controlling his bets with the other. And just like that, the sandwich was born!

Now, you might be thinking, “Wait, sandwiches existed before Lord Sandwich?” And you’re right! People have been eating bread for over six thousand years, and it’s likely that they’ve been making sandwiches in some form or another. But it wasn’t until Lord Sandwich made it famous that sandwiches became one of the most popular meals in the Western Hemisphere.

In the United States, sandwiches quickly became a staple of American cuisine. They were especially popular in the early 20th century when people were looking for quick and easy meals that they could eat at work or on the go. Sandwiches also became an important part of American culture, with iconic sandwiches like the peanut butter and jelly sandwich, the grilled cheese sandwich, and the BLT.

In fact, in America alone, it’s estimated that 300 million sandwiches are eaten every day! That’s a lot of sandwiches! Today, sandwiches are enjoyed all over the world in countless varieties. From the classic ham and cheese sandwich to the trendy avocado toast, there's a sandwich for every taste and occasion. So, the next time you bite into a delicious sandwich, remember that it all started with a hungry gambler who wanted to keep his hands free.


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