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My dear reader,

Let me tell you an interesting story about a toy that has been loved by children and adults for over 70 years - the Slinky!

It all started in 1943, during World War II, when a clever engineer named Richard James was on a new ship’s trial run. As he was working, a little spring fell to the ground and started flip-flopping in a really cool way. Richard was amazed by it and decided to make a toy out of it.

When he got back home, he told his wife Betty all about the spring and they decided to create their own toy. They worked really hard and finally came up with a long, thin, steel ribbon tightly coiled into a spiral - which we now know as the Slinky!

They started selling the Slinky in 1945, and it quickly became a huge hit! Kids loved playing with it because it was so simple - you didn’t need batteries or electricity to make it work. All you had to do was hold it at the top and watch it walk down the stairs or bounce around on the floor.

In fact, the Slinky has been so popular that more than two million of them have been sold! The only change they made to the design was to crimp the ends to make it safer for kids to play with.

Betty James, Richard’s wife, is now the president of the company, and the Slinky is still hopping, skipping, and jumping all over America - and all around the world too! It’s amazing to think that such a simple little toy could bring so much joy to so many people for so many years.

Next time you see a Slinky, remember the story of how it came to be and have fun playing with it!


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