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The Frisbee Disc

Hey, you, do you know what a Frisbee is? It’s a flying disc that you can toss and catch with your friends or even your dog! But did you know that the Frisbee wasn’t actually invented as a toy? In fact, it all started with a yummy treat – a pie!

A long, long time ago, there was a bakery called the Frisbie Bakery in a place called Bridgeport, Connecticut. They made the most delicious pies that people couldn’t get enough of! And do you know what they used to put their pies in? A metal tin that had their name, “Frisbie Pies,” stamped on it.

One day, some clever college students from Yale University bought some Frisbie pies and ate them all up. But instead of throwing away the tin, they started tossing it back and forth to each other. They would call out “Frisbie!” to let each other know when the tin was flying their way. And so, the game of Frisbie was born!

Walter F. Morrison saw how much fun people were having with the Frisbie pies tins and decided to make his own plastic version. The Wham-O Manufacturing Company started making Frisbee discs in the 1950s, and they’ve been making them ever since! Today, there are many different companies that make flying discs.

Flying discs are so popular that people have created flying disc clubs and even tournaments where champions are crowned! And did you know that the world record for keeping a flying disc in the air was set by Don Cain? He kept a Frisbee in the air for an amazing 16.72 seconds! That’s a long time to keep something flying!

Playing with a Frisbee is not only fun but also great exercise. It’s an easy sport to learn, but it can also be very challenging. And the best part? You can enjoy it with your favorite furry friend – your dog! So next time you see a Frisbee, remember its tasty history and all the fun that can come from a simple pie tin!


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