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Today, I have a sweet and cool story to tell you about the biggest iced pop ever made!

On September 7, 1975, a church in Davenport, Iowa called Westside Assembly of God Church decided to make a giant frozen treat. And when I say giant, I mean it! This ice pop weighed a whopping 5,750 pounds! To put that in perspective, that's about the same weight as a small car!

The Guinness Book of World Records recognized this creation as the largest iced lollipop on a stick ever made. Imagine how many people could enjoy this frozen treat together!

But did you know that this iced pop was not a real Popsicle? That’s right! Popsicle is actually a registered trademark name, and it can only be made using a special formula. In fact, the real Popsicle was invented in 1905 by a young boy named Frank Epperson when he was only 11 years old!

One day, Frank mixed some soda water powder and water to make a refreshing drink that was popular at the time. He left the mixture outside on his back porch with the stirring stick still in it. But, that night, the temperature dropped to a record low, and the next day, Frank found that the soda water mixture had frozen onto the stick!

Frank Epperson showed his frozen soda water stick to his friends at school, and they loved it! Eighteen years later, in 1923, Frank remembered his frozen soda water invention and started a business producing Epsicles in seven fruit flavors. The name was later changed to the Popsicle that we know and love today.

Can you guess how many Popsicles are sold each year? It’s a lot! One estimate says that three million Popsicle frozen treats are sold each year! And with more than thirty different flavors to choose from, there’s something for everyone! But did you know that the general flavor favorite through the years has remained “taste-tingling orange”?

So, there you have it, young ones! A story about a giant iced-pop and the accidental invention of the beloved Popsicle. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll come up with an accidental invention that becomes a household name!


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