Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Authored by:Brothers Grimm
Chapter 1 / 2

Section 1

Once upon a time in a big forest not so far from the village, was the home where the Teddy Bear family lived. They weren’t the regular Teddy Bears we know, as Father Bear was enormous, Mother Bear was average in size, and the only Bear that could’ve been defined as a Teddy Bear was Baby Bear.

Each of the Bear’s beds was of a different size. Father Bear’s bed was spacious, cozy, and inviting. Mother Bear’s bed was of a decent size, whilst Father Bear had bought an adorable small cherry wood crib from a few of his beaver pals for Baby Bear to sleep in. A stunning carved chair for the head of the householder, a marvelous velvety chair for Mama Bear, and a rather tiny stool for Baby Bear were set near the fireplace where all of them would gather around at the end of the day.

Three china bowls were properly placed on the kitchen counter. The big one was for Father Bear, Mama Bear got the smaller one, and Baby Bear got the tiny bowl.

Everyone in the neighborhood treated Father Bear with the utmost respect and each time when he passed by they lifted their hats. That made Father Bear very happy and he always kindly answered their greetings. Mama Bear had a bunch of friends. In the afternoons she paid her friends a visit to share and take helpful tips and recipes on marmalades and fruit preserves. On the other hand, Baby Bear didn’t have many friends. The reason for that was the fact that he was a bully who enjoyed winning matches and disagreements. He was also annoying and always behaved erratically.

A light-haired little girl with almost the same personality as Baby Bear lived not too far away, yet she was also very arrogant and selfish, and even though Baby Bear constantly invited her over to play with him she never agreed. One day, Mother Bear prepared a delicious pudding. It was a brand-new recipe made with blueberries and other smashed berries. Her friends praised her as the pudding was so tasty. When she finished making the pudding she told the family.

“The pudding needs time to cool down, or it isn’t going to taste good. That should take at least an hour. So why don’t we go and see Beavers’ newborn child? Mummy Beaver will be so thrilled to see us”. Even though Father Bear and Baby Bear would’ve preferred to just eat the warm pudding, they loved the idea of meeting the newborn child.

“Although it’s a short visit, we have to put on our best clothes. And because everyone at this Beaver will likely be quite busy, we have to stay there for a short time. They soon started walking down the walkway unto the river bank. A little while later, the haughty little girl named Goldilocks picked flowers as she walked past the Bear’s house.


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