Fitcher's Bird

Authored by:Brothers Grimm
Chapter 1 / 2

Section 1

Once upon a time, a sorcerer who transformed into a destitute man used to visit households and beguile and kidnap beautiful women. It was unclear where he took them, as they never returned. One fine day, he arrived at the residence of a man who had three stunning daughters. He appeared as a feeble and impoverished beggar, holding a basket on his back as though he intended to gather alms in it. He pleaded for a morsel of food, and as the eldest daughter stepped forward to offer him a slice of bread, he simply brushed against her, causing her to tumble into his basket. Hastily, he dashed away with giant strides, taking her to his home in the heart of a gloomy forest. The inside of the house was adorned with opulence beyond compare. He provided her with everything she could possibly desire and said, "My dearest, you will be undoubtedly content with me because you have all that your heart desires." This went on for several days until he announced, "I must set out on a journey and leave you alone for a brief while. These are the keys to the house. You may explore everywhere and examine everything except for one room, which this little key unlocks. I forbid you from entering that room under the penalty of death." He also entrusted her with an egg and instructed, "Guard the egg with great care for me and keep it with you at all times. Losing it would result in a dreadful calamity." Taking hold of the keys and egg, she pledged to comply with his instructions. As soon as he left, she scoured the house from top to bottom, examining each and every room. The interiors were adorned with silver and gold, and she marveled at the magnificent grandeur. Finally, she arrived at the prohibited door. Initially, she intended to walk past it, but her inquisitiveness wouldn't allow her to ignore it. Examining the key, it appeared no different than the others. She inserted it into the lock, turned it slightly, and the door flung open. But what did she discover when she entered the room? A colossal basin filled with blood rested in the center of the room, and within it lay lifeless, dismembered bodies. In close proximity was a wooden block, and an axe glimmered atop it. The sight of the gruesome scene terrified her to such an extent that the egg she clutched tightly slipped from her grasp and fell into the basin. Hastily, she retrieved it and attempted to rinse the bloodstains off. Alas, her efforts were in vain as the crimson hue reappeared within moments. Despite her persistent scrubbing and washing, she couldn't get rid of the stains.

It didn't take long for the man to return from his journey, and the very first things he requested were the key and the egg. She handed them over, but her hands trembled while doing so. The man swiftly noticed the red spots on the egg, and deduced that she had entered the blood-soaked chamber. "Since you have violated my command and entered the forbidden chamber against my will," he spoke sternly, "you shall now return to it against your own. Your life is now forfeit." He forcefully flung her to the ground, seized her by the hair, and mercilessly dragged her back to the room. There, he executed her by severing her head with the axe and dismembering her body so that blood flowed freely. Finally, he callously tossed her remains into the basin with the others.


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