Beauty and the Beast

Authored by:Brothers Grimm
Chapter 1 / 2

Section 1

A merchant once asked his three daughters what they would like as gifts when he returned before leaving for the market. The first daughter wished for a brocade dress, the other one wanted a pearl necklace, but Beauty, the youngest, most gorgeous and most loving of all the daughters, remarked to her father:

“All I desire for is a rose you chose just for me.”

The merchant left after completing his deal and headed home. A sudden storm burst, though, and his horse struggled to move forward amid the violent wind.

The merchant was freezing and exhausted, having given up all chance of making it to an inn, and then unexpectedly discovered a bright light glowing in the middle of a wood. He got closer and could see that it was a brightly lit castle.

“I'm hoping I can get some shelter there for the night," he thought to himself. When he got to the door, he saw that it was open, but despite his shouts, no one answered to welcome him. He found the confidence to enter while continuing to call out for notice. A beautiful dinner was already served and was set up on a table in the main hall. Still screaming for the castle's owner, the merchant persisted. The hungry merchant sat down to a sumptuous lunch when no one arrived.

Interest pushing him, he made his way upstairs, where a corridor led into luxurious rooms and halls. The first room had a blaring fire and an inviting-looking comfy bed. The merchant was reluctant to stop because it was already late. He sat down on the bed and quickly nodded out. The following morning, he awoke to find a mug of steaming coffee and some fruit next to his bed.

After eating breakfast and getting ready, the merchant walked downstairs to express his gratitude to his kind host. However, just as the previous evening, nobody was in view. He approached the garden where he had left his horse tied to a tree while shaking his head in wonder of everything's oddity. Suddenly, he noticed a huge rose bush.

He knelt down to pick a rose while he kept in mind his vow to Beauty. immediately a hideous beast dressed beautifully emerged from the rose garden. Two angry, bloodshot eyes looked at him, and a deep, frightful voice yelped: "Gracious man! You slept in my bed, ate at my table, and I provided you with shelter, but now all I get in return is the stealing of my favorite flowers! You will be executed by me for this disrespect. The merchant knelt before the Beast, trembling with horror.

"Please forgive me! Forgive me! Don't murder me! I'll do my best to carry out your commands.

The rose was for my daughter Beauty, not for me. I promised to bring her back a rose from my journey!" The Beast released the merchant's displeased paw from its grip. I'll save your life, but only if you bring me your daughter. Faced with imminent death if he didn't comply, the terrified merchant vowed that he would. His three girls rushed to welcome him when he arrived home in tears. He quickly felt at ease after telling them about his terrible encounter thanks to Beauty.

“I would do anything for you, Dad. You'll manage to keep your word and avoid death, so don't worry! I want to go to the castle. I'll take your place there, please.”The merchant gave his daughter a hug.

"I never questioned your devotion to me. I can only express my gratitude at this time for saving my life.” Beauty was then taken to the castle. But the Beast had a very surprising greeting for the young lady. It was surprisingly nice as opposed to suggesting doom, as it had with her father. Beauty initially trembled at the sight of the Beast because she was afraid of it. She later discovered that, despite the monster's horrifying head, her fear of it was progressively decreasing with passing time. She knitted for hours in front of the fire in one of the most beautiful chambers in the castle. And the Beast would observe her silently for hours on end while sitting not far away.


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