Adventures Chanticleer and Partlet

Authored by:Brothers Grimm
Chapter 1 / 3

Section 1

Their journey of how they traveled to the mountains to eat nuts

Chanticleer told her wife “The nuts are pretty good at the moment, so how about we travel to the mountains and eat as much as possible before the squirrel snatches them all.” Partlet wholeheartedly answered “With all my heart, let just go and make a vacation out of it”

They soon headed to the mountains and stayed there until dusk for it was a beautiful day. Now for some reason, they decide that walking home on foot is not on their plan, maybe it’s because they had eaten so many nuts and were unable to walk, or maybe they were just lazy and couldn’t bother.

So Chanticleer started constructing a small carriage using the nutshells, and when it was completed Partlet hopped inside, sat down, and told Chanticleer to hop himself into the vehicle and take her home. “That’s a funny joke!” said Chanticleer, “No, that will not work; I’d prefer walking back home, I’ll even sit on the box and be the coachmen if you want, but I’ll not drive”.

While that was happening, a duck yelled out as it came quacking up “You thieving vagrants, why on earth are you in my soil? I’ll punish you for your impudence!” and it was then that she threw herself upon Chanticleer loudly.

But Chanticleer was brave; he ferociously returned the duck's punches with his pointed spurs, making her plead for mercy; it was only offered under one condition, that she would drive their carriage home for them. She agreed to this, and Chanticleer climbed onto the box and drove away while shouting, “Duck, get on as quickly as possible, now.” Soon, they went along at a decent speed.

After a while, they saw a needle and a pin passing down the road side by side: the needle shouted out “Stop, stop!”, they explained that it was pretty dark and they were having a hard time finding the right road, and that road was so muddy they weren’t able to move: he added that he and his close friend, the pin, were out in a pub a few miles away, and were drinking till they lost the track of time: thus he begged the travelers to be understanding and gracious as to give them a ride in their carriage. Considering they were small and had a low chance of taking up much space, Chanticleer allowed them to get into the carriage on a few conditions that they will not get the wheels dirty and will not step on Partlet’s toes.

They arrived at the tavern at the midnight, and since it was not a good idea to travel in the dark, and the duck seemed exhausted as she was waddling around from one side to the other, they decided to stay the night there: however, the owner was not sure to let them in, claiming that the inn was full, he was worried that they might not be a proper group. Nevertheless, they spoke with him in a good manner and handed him the egg that Partlet had laid. They also promised to give him the duck who had a daily egg-laying routine: he finally allowed them in, and they enjoyed a delicious meal and a lovely evening.

Chanticleer woke his wife at sunrise before it was light, and when no one was stirring in the inn, they pecked a hole in the egg, ate it, and tossed the shells into the fireplace: next, they approached the pin and needle, who were fast asleep, grabbed both of their heads, shoved one of them into the owner’s soft char and the second one into his handkerchief, after it, they snuck out as quickly as they could. The duck who was sleeping outside on the lawn, however, heard the sound of their footsteps and quickly jumped into the nearby creek and swam away from them.


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