Arabian Nights / Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp

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Chapter 1 / 6

Section 1

Once upon a time lived a humble tailor. His son’s name was Aladdin. He was an uncaring, lazy boy. The boy did nothing else but idly play outside with young boys as idle as him. His father suffered from this and it brought him to death. However, Aladdin did not change for the better although his mother cried and prayed a lot. On one usual day, Aladdin was playing outside. Suddenly a stranger approached him and asked him some questions. He wanted to know the boy’s age and check that his father was Mustapha, the tailor.

Aladdin answered positively and said that his father died a long time ago.

Once the stranger heard Aladdin’s words, he embraced the boy affectionately and started kissing him. The man was a famous African sorcerer, but he told the boy that he was his uncle. By his words, he recognized Aladdin as he looked similar to his brother and he told the boy to inform his mother about his arrival.

Aladdin rushed to his mother and told her about her uncle who was newly found.

His mother remembered that her husband had a brother, but she thought that he passed away.

Nevertheless, his mother took care of the supper and ordered Aladdin to call his uncle. The man came carrying a lot of fruit and wine. He kneeled and kissed the place where Aladdin’s father usually sat. The new uncle understood the woman's surprise as she saw him for the first time. As he told, he lived abroad for forty years. The uncle then asked Aladdin about his occupation, but the boy lowered his head in shame and his mother started crying. The man offered to open a shop for Aladdin with many goods as he learned that the boy was living frivolously without occupation. On the next day Aladdin and his new uncle toured the city and the man showed his nephew around the city. Aladdin was dressed in marvelous clothes and when they returned at midnight his mother felt happy seeing her son’s gorgeous clothes.

On the following day, the sorcerer took Aladdin to far-off gardens out of the city. The sorcerer took a cake from his belt and split it for both of them while they took a rest next to a fountain. Their journey continued until reaching the mountains. The sorcerer lured Aladdin with his lovely stories although the boy was tired and asked to return. So the boy followed him despite his will.

Finally, they reached a place where a narrow valley divided two mountains.

The fake uncle said their journey ended at that place. He promised to show Aladdin some amazing things. The boy just had to collect some wood for the fire.

The man lit a fire and with some mystic words, he poured onto the fire some powder that he had with him. The ground started shaking and a square even stone appeared out of the open ground. There was a brass ring in the middle of the stone to pull it open. When the boy rushed to run away the sorcerer stopped him by knocking him down with a blow.

In a pitiful tone, the boy asked his uncle what was his fault. The sorcerer’s answer was gentler and he said that instead of fearing Aladdin should just obey him. He told the boy about the treasure under the stone which Aladdin could get. He told the boy to obey his commands and warned that no one else could touch the treasure.

Once Aladdin heard about the treasure he regained his courage and by uttering his father and grandfather's names he pulled the ring and the stone easily opened. Some steps appeared in front of his eyes.

The sorcerer ordered the boy to go down the steps until reaching an open door that would take him into three large halls. The boy was warned to walk with his gown tucked up and not to touch anything otherwise he would immediately die. There would be a garden of lovely fruit trees at the end of the halls. Aladdin should find the lighted lamp in the niche within the terrace. He should empty the oil contained in the lamp and take it to the sorcerer.

The fake uncle handed over a ring to Aladdin taking it out from his finger and wishing him good luck.

Aladdin acted as the sorcerer had told him and laden with fruits from the trees he returned to the cave’s opening with the lamp in his hands. The sorcerer hurried so much that he yelled to Aladdin to quickly give him the lamp. Aladdin said he would do that only after he left the cave. This angered the sorcerer so much that with some words he poured more powder onto the fire and after that, the stone closed the cave’s opening.


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